In a time of technological change and digital advancement, AI is taking the world by storm. Many companies will have to ride the wave or risk being left behind. The same applies to software engineers. As developers, they pave the way to transformation, and with the help of AI, they will be able to create a new layer of the development cycle.

The role that software engineers play goes beyond their job. They contribute toward the way people and machines interact with data and one another. Some engineers have been particularly influential.

Taking Engineering to The Next Level with Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds, for example, is a Finnish-American software engineer. He began programming since he was ten years of age. His first project in University was Linux. He built this to improve the existing Linux operating system.

Mark Zuckerberg: The Social Expert

Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook, has taken hold of AI and become a leading pioneer in this space. Since Facebook’s Messenger Bot, millions of people are connected to each other and have a new way of communicating. According to Facebook Messaging Survey, 63% of people are messaging more than they did two years ago.

Kriti Sharma: The Catalyst for Growth

Leading the way to stardom, Kriti Sharma, VP of AI at a global company, Sage, created her own bot, named Pegg. This was launched in July 2016 and allows you to manage finances through applications such as Skype or Facebook. It is also known as the first accounting chatbot.

There are many more who are lending their hand toward advancement, but there is still plenty of time until society is completely acceptable as well as skilled to go one step further.

The need to become one with the transformation sphere is rife. Businesses of all sizes are urged to make the investment so that they can leverage from it.