The smartphone has become an irreplaceable life partner for millions of people. Within a few years touchscreen phones have become a standard and today it is not so strange to see moms look for recipes on the internet or older people playing cards or reading the newspaper on their iPhone. Without wandering too much in this guide we will try to analyze the two operating systems protagonists Android and iOs.

Android: The Most Popular Robot in The World

Android is an open source OS developed by Google and to date, it is the best selling on the market, oriented to a more technologically casual audience. It’s the most appropriate system for those looking for a product with the fewest limitations, from the total management of the archive to the exchange of data without any limitation.

The system is rather simple and easy to use, but digging deeper, you find many menus and applications that will allow you to customize almost anything.

One flaw is the confusing application market with unlimited apps, with only a few hundreds really good. However, the phone models are in the thousands, and many medium-low end products, are objectively too slow.

iOs: The Object of Desire of Many

The operating system of iPhone and iPad, born to be a simple and intuitive system.

Its strong points are the application market, Apple is very attentive to every single app on its store. These are seamlessly integrated on a graphic level and always fluid. Hardware and software combine perfectly and are built with a maniacal attention, but at the cost of flexibility of use and the prohibitive price.

The fact of being the most famous, however, does not make it the best. Many operations that may seem trivial cannot be done, such as sharing content via Bluetooth, connect it to the PC as if it were a pen drive, or the copy of the contact list on the sim card