Software engineering is somewhat new in the area of engineering, but its scope is extremely broad. Because of its prominence, it is amongst the fastest growing disciplines in the world today.

What is Software?

Software refers to a set of instructions, commonly known as “code”, that is a mediator between the user and the hardware of a device. In other terms, it is a component of a system that is not visible or tangible, but enables users to interact with the physical components of a system.

For example, software enables users to communicate with game boxes, smartphones and media players. Software usually comes in two forms, the first being the system software, and the other is an application. A good example of system software is the Windows operating system found on Windows computers.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering refers to the application of engineering principles to the design, construction and maintenance of software systems. With the aim to improve quality, software engineering was presented to deal with low-quality software issues. When timelines exceed and budgets or quality levels are reduced, software system problems arise.

Software engineering was introduced to make sure that applications are built in a correct and consistent manner. It also ensures that the applications are built on budget, time and specifications. The massive change in user requirements also prompted the high demand for software engineering.

Attributes of Good Software

Good software must have exceptional design qualities that provide the user with the right functionality and performance. It should also offer maintainability. When functionality is added or changed; or system errors are fixed, various services, components, interfaces and features are impacted.

It should also be reusable; its subsystems and components should be proper for reuse in other applications. If the software is reusable, cases of components being duplicated are minimized.